8. Disclaimer

FingeRate does not offer legal or financial advice to individuals. The white paper provided by FingeRate serves as a non-legal document. Readers are strongly advised to seek professional legal and financial counsel as needed. The white paper is intended for informational purposes only and may not encompass every aspect of FingeRate. Furthermore, none of the content within this document forms a legally binding contract with GG56 Ltd. Its sole purpose is to furnish relevant information to potential token owners, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding MSOT & SOT NFT Token purchases.

GG56 Ltd does not delineate any provisions on rights within this document, nor does it propose specific rights such as dividends, redemption, liquidation, patents, or any other financial or legal entitlements. Additionally, this document includes research reports, estimates, and financial information for future outlooks, acknowledging both known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These factors may lead to significant disparities between projected outcomes and actual results.

The contents of this white paper are not intended to influence investment decisions or promote the purchase of specific securities within any jurisdiction. It solely aims to elucidate essential information about the business.

This document is not drafted in accordance with the current laws or regulations of any specific jurisdictions or countries recognized by the United Nations. Consequently, it is not governed by consumer protection laws or regulations of any particular country or jurisdiction.

MSOT & SOT NFT Tokens are not registered financial products and are not classified as securities, commodities, or any other type of financial instrument. They are not registered under the Hong Kong Security and Futures Ordinance, China's Securities Law, or any other national securities laws. Transactions using MSOT & SOT NFT Tokens are not permitted in jurisdictions where the sale and use of digital currencies are prohibited.

In the event of purchasing MSOT & SOT NFT Tokens, users must acknowledge that the Token cannot be defined, classified, or treated as any of the listed means. This white paper is subject to further revisions or updates, and readers are advised to consult the latest version. While efforts are made to maintain the quality and accuracy of the information provided, ongoing changes in policies, laws, regulations, and market conditions may render the information inaccurate or unreliable. This white paper serves as a business proposal or promotional document and is not legally binding under any circumstances.

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