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2.3 Solution

With FingeRate 2.0, a metaverse based satisfaction survey solution application, FingeRate aims to solve the issues in existing evaluation systems.
FingeRate ecosystem minimizes the time and costs for data collection because SoTs in the metaverse automatically collects evaluation data and the application simplifies the whole process of data collection into three simple stages for users to enter their evaluation information.
Data reliability and integrity is also ensured as all users’ evaluation data is safely recorded on the blockchain which allows anyone to access data while protecting it from forgery or alteration. FingeRate 2.0 enables real-time monitoring of data and all processes from data collection to utilization are systemized.
In addition, FingeRate has constructed its own reward scheme providing every user who participate in evaluations with SoM (SoT Mileage) which can be used as a payment method when they purchase goods or services from the FingeRate metaverse marketplace or even as a method of payment for survey requests.