2.3 Solution

The FingeRate App, a metaverse-based survey app, aims to tackle the challenges encountered by companies and businesses. It streamlines data collection processes through its ecosystem, utilizing Virtual Bots within the metaverse for efficient data gathering. The app simplifies the survey process into three stages, making it easy for users to input their evaluation data.

To ensure data reliability and integrity, FingeRate securely records all user evaluations on the blockchain, safeguarding against tampering or falsification. The latest version of the app allows for real-time monitoring of data, with streamlined processes from data collection to utilization.

Furthermore, FingeRate has developed its own reward system, offering SoM to users who participate in evaluations. This reward can be utilized as a form of payment within the marketplace for purchasing goods, such as coupons, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies, as well as for fulfilling survey requests.

Overall, FingeRate's innovative approach reduces both time and costs for businesses by leveraging location technology and a Survey-to-Earn (S2E) business model, incentivizing user participation while maintaining data integrity.

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