3.3.1 What is FingeRate App?

The FingeRate App, accessible on iOS and Android, is the first metaverse-based survey app in the world, fully taking advantage of the Survey-To-Earn/Paid Survey (S2E) business model and location (LBS), guaranteeing both high participation rates and data quality. This unique approach ensures that users are incentivized to participate in surveys, as they earn rewards for their contributions, all of that in real time.

Participants directly receive SoM (mileage), an in-app currency that can be used to redeem various rewards such as coupons, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies, including MSOT. This system not only encourages engagement but also provides tangible benefits to survey takers, making the survey experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Users have the option to create and manage surveys within the FingeRate App, ensuring a continual availability of surveys. Additionally, GG56 updates surveys on a weekly basis, ensuring a consistent stream of surveys always accessible to users. There are three types of surveys: Purple Survey (Surveys tied to specific virtual bots), Silver Survey (Available on any virtual bot within a particular country), and Gold Survey (Accessible across all virtual bots globally - In development).

Additionally, the FingeRate App offers companies, organizations, and businesses the opportunity to personalize their virtual bot with their brand, ensuring a smooth user experience and increasing brand visibility.

Key Features

  • Survey Creation and Management (in-app): Users can directly create and manage their surveys on the FingeRate App without having to access another website or dashboard.

  • Reward System: The FingeRate App is a S2E app, which means that we reward you whenever you take a survey! You can then redeem amazing rewards using your points.

  • Marketplace: Once enough points earned, users can redeem unique rewards including coupons, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies (including MSOT), as well as in-app clothes for their avatar.

  • Virtual Bot Customization: Whether you are a business, a cafe, or a fan club, you have the option to create and customize your own virtual bot!

  • Other features: Metaverse map, avatar customization. level system, referral system.

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