FingeRate has secured an offline consumer satisfaction and preference survey system with using AI-based image analysis technology, “Satisfaction of everything—SoT.” In addition, FingeRate has developed a simple yet detailed online evaluation system on its mobile application “FingeRate 1.0”, where users can leave a simple finger rating as well as a detailed written review.
FingeRate provides an interconnected online and offline platform that enables consumer ratings and reviews on products and experiences. The application of FingeRate allows its users to share opinions and experiences with a vast number of other users and therefore, ensures better quality and improved experiences for both consumers and businesses.
Building on this extraordinary system, FingeRate’ is developing the upgraded version of its mobile application—FingeRate 2.0, bridging SoTs and its on/offline evaluation system to the virtual metaverse. Virtual replicas of the SoT devices will be installed around the globe, and these ownable profit-generating SoT devices will both benefit researchers and participants altogether by revolutionizing the way of conducting surveys unlike ever before.
FingeRate aims to create a platform which provides organizations and businesses in various fields with solutions to the following needs alongside rewarding their consumers:
I. Making surveys, polls, and satisfaction ratings more engaging for participants by rewarding them for their completion of surveys
II. Providing more creative options to survey requesters and researchers
III. Ensuring security of the associated data
IV. Information on user preferences or consumption patterns
V. Marketability for a wide variety of consumers
All data collected by FingeRate’s integrated systems are protected from forgery or alteration by using blockchain technology. With the dataset and information obtained from these systems, we provide five consumption information (when, where, who, what, how much) and offer opportunities to analyze the actual consumption patterns and preferences, and to devise targeted marketing strategies.
FingeRate provides a blockchain-based user experience that benefits consumers and businesses alike. We offer opportunities to share genuine and authentic experiences for consumers and to develop more effective advertising and marketing strategies for sellers.