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3.1 Vision

FingeRate’s main goal is to establish a standard for data ownership, security, and exchange. Even though, these issues are not addressed with significance by the businesses and service providers involved, it is high time to take this matter seriously. As we are in transition towards the next iteration of the internet “Web 3.0”, our real-life identities will merge with our virtual personas at a much faster pace.
FingeRate is working relentlessly and dedicated to paving a pathway to follow for the newcomers to the space and setting an example on managing and distributing ownership of data. In addition, FingeRate is trying to make survey more attractive by developing S2E (Survey to Earn) system where everyone gets reward by performing or requesting surveya.
With SoT and FingeRate 2.0, FingeRate aims to offer consumer satisfaction and preference survey system that can be applicable to a variety of fields. The blockchain-based metaverse experience and evaluation sharing platform enables users to access and share the collected data and service providers to improve the quality of their products and devise targeted advertising strategies.