7.3 Local Advisors


Min Sunshik

Business Strategies & Management

President of YBM, Korea's first professionally operated private language institute In FingeRate, he provides advice on business strategies and management

Yang Chang-young


Former member of the National Assembly of South Korea, Yang Chang-young is currently the CEO of the Dream Island As an advisor of FingeRate project, he is helping to integrate the Dream Island with FingeRate project

Yoo Seung-gack


Graduated from Kangwon University and currently conducts research on tourism statistics, policy and development In FingeRate, he gives advise on vitalizing, diversifying and advancing tourism blockchain business

Ko Kwang-hee


Holds a masters degree in Business Administration from Chosun university He lived in Spain for over 30 years and was the president of the Association of Koreans in Spain

Lee Hee-jo


Professoser at the department of Computer Science at Kangwon National University He serves as an advisor for security planning and designing for FingeRate project

Park Seung-gyun


Former chairman of the board in Gangwon province machinery cooperative (4 times), president of conference on agricultural industrial complex (3 times) As an investment advisor, he is serving a critical role in ‘FingeRate' for concluding partnership

Won Bong-hee


Senior attorney of Kim & Chang law firm. He served as the director of the international economy and as deputy director-general in finance of the former Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Korea. He is in charge of law and finance in ‘FingeRate'

Huh Jong-goo


Former commissioner (invited) of the Tax Tribunal. As a legal(tax accounting) advisor of FingeRate project, he will be responsible for providing consultation about cryptocurrency related issues.

Lee Sang-chan


Head Manager of an IP law firm named Honesty & Patent. As a legal advisor, he is responsible for advising FingeRate as a patent attorney.

Jung Tae-young


CEO of G1 Broadcasting Company He is an advisor of public relations in FingeRate

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