4.1 FingeRate Ecosystem

The FingeRate ecosystem offers to businesses and organizations alike two survey solutions: the FingeRate App and FingeRate Bot, which help them collect real-time surveys with high participation rates. Not only does it minimize the time and costs for data collection, but it also simplifies the survey-taking process for survey participants.

  • The FingeRate App is the world's first metaverse-based survey app. It utilizes location-based services for accurate data collection and precise targeting. Its user-friendly interface allows both users and survey creators to easily manage surveys in real time. The app also includes a reward system to encourage participation and offers marketing opportunities for companies, providing them with the chance to reach potential clients.

  • The FingeRate Bot is an AI-powered touchless survey kiosk. It streamlines offline survey processes by allowing users to answer surveys quickly with their fingers. The bot also directly collects additional data such as gender, location, and time, improving survey insights.

Both the FingeRate App and FingeRate Bot are integral parts of the FingeRate ecosystem, which also includes the MSOT token, which is used to navigate the ecosystem.

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