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4.1 FingeRate Ecosystem

FingeRate ecosystem is comprised of three major services: metaverse based app ”FingeRate 2.0”, “Satisfaction of Things” (SoT) and integrated health pass solution “Pass&Go”.
SoT is an IoT-based satisfaction survey system that allows users to review recently visited places only with 5 fingers. FingeRate 2.0 expands on that vision by bringing SoT devices to the metaverse platform for running surveys, rating a place/service, and earning mileages (SoM) as reward. Pass&Go is a mobile application that securely stores health data for authentication such as personal data, test results, vaccination records and immunization status.
All the services mentioned above involve collecting sensitive data of the user and FingeRate has optimized its system to ensure data protection and security. The data is hashed (encrypted) using cryptography and securely stored on blockchain in the FingeRate ecosystem which can be only accessed by the authorized users.