3.2 FingeRate Bot (Touchless survey kiosk)

FingeRate Bot, also referred to as touchless survey kiosk, is an AI-powered survey kiosk. It streamlines the in-person survey process by removing the need for physical interactions. Visitors can effortlessly and quickly respond to closed-ended questions by making a simple hand gesture toward the camera, providing a distinctive and enjoyable experience. Additional data is also collected during the process, including gender, date, time, and total participants.

Accessible in real-time on the FingeRate App and the FingeRate dashboard, this data can be used by public agencies, businesses, and other venues to support decision-making at a lower cost. The goal is to make the survey results accessible from anywhere and in real-time.

Touchless Survey Kiosk Key Features:

  • Survey Creation and Management (dashboard)

  • AI-powered camera

  • Ad banners (video and static)

  • Random reward option

  • Data accessible in real-time (dashboard and FingeRate app)

  • UI customization

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