2. Create an account

Users have the possibility to create an account on the FingeRate app using their own email address or by conveniently linking their Kakao or Naver account.

Option 1: Creating an account with an email address

To create a new account with an email address, users will need to provide a valid email during the registration process. After entering their email, a verification code will be sent to the provided email address to ensure its validity and security.

  1. When launching FingeRate app for the first time, users will be request to allow the app to access their Photos, Media, and other files.

  2. Choose one of the following options to create an account: email address, KakaoTalk, or Naver.

  1. Please provide a valid email address and click on Request to receive the verification code. Then, enter the verification code into the designated box and click Confirm.

  2. Users are given the possibility to earn additional SoMs by providing extra information such as their nickname, phone number, and gender.

  1. If available, enter the referral code.

  2. Select your avatar. Note that your avatar can be changed anytime.

Option 2: Creating an account using KakaoTalk or Naver

On the Login screen, users can select either their KakaoTalk or Naver account to create an account. The service providers may require additional information during the account creation process.

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